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9 Best Affordable Stand Mixers Available Today

9 Best Affordable Stand Mixers Available Today

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Whether you are an avid baker or even someone who is just beginning to get into baking, a stand mixer is something every baker should have.

As a professional pastry chef, I definitely think of my stand mixer as something I cannot live without!

If you think all stand mixers are expensive or out of your price range, think again! There are many budget-friendly options for you that will make your baking life easier.

Why Do I Need a Stand Mixer?

Stand Mixer Closeup

Before getting into reviewing stand mixers, I want to point out all the benefits of investing in this kitchen appliance.

The first function of a stand mixer that everyone in the baking world thrives upon is the mixer’s ability to work on its own. No longer do you need to stand over a bowl stirring or holding an electric hand mixer.

You can add your ingredients to the bowl, flip a switch and the stand mixer will mix and mix and mix while you can walk away! Less manual labor for you!

Stand mixers are a multi-tasker’s best friend. While the mixer is working to make your batter, dough or frosting, you can be working on measuring ingredients, cleaning the kitchen or making a completely different recipe.

Because of this, you will complete recipes faster and be able to bake even more! Efficiency is what stand mixers are all about.

Stand mixers are more powerful than any hand mixer around. Equipped with big motors, a stand mixer can whip up the hardest butter and break through the toughest dough.

This is especially important when you are trying to cream butter to be super light and fluffy for cookies or knead bread dough like a professional.

If you are used to mixing ingredients by hand, you will be shocked at how well a stand mixer works and how much better your baked goods will turn out when they are mixer well.

Stand mixers are a worthwhile investment for anyone who loves to bake. Most come with a standard 12-month warranty and many have extended warranties that can be purchased.

That being said, stand mixers should be made to last and whip up batter after batter without fail.

Things to Consider

When looking around at stand mixers, you should think about what you want your mixer to do for you and what you will be making with it.

If you just like to make simple cake batters or whip together salad dressings every now and then, go for a more basic mixer that is small and lighter.

If you are looking to make tough bread doughs, you will want a mixer with a strong motor that can really knead the dough.

The attachments for each stand mixer should be considered as well. I love a good paddle attachment for creaming ingredients together and find they are much more efficient than traditional beaters.

So if you plan on making a lot of cookies, a mixer with a paddle attachment may be for you.

If you plan on having your mixer on the kitchen counter all the time, a sleek design may interest you as well. Many mixers come in a variety of colors and if you need it to match your décor, pick a mixer that can give you some nice choices!

Now that your mind is thinking about what you need, let’s get into the real reviews!

1. Murenking Stand Mixer MK36 (Top Pick)

A 500 Watt motor really makes this mixer a quality choice- able to mix tough doughs (I’m looking at you bread bakers!). The Murenking also boasts that it is a quiet mixer, so don’t let that big motor scare you!

My favorite features on this machine (besides the great price) are the attachments that come with it. A nice big whip, a Y shaped paddle and a big dough hook are all items you usually only see on mixers with much higher price tags.

The attachments do not come very close to the sides of the mixer so you will have to scrape down the bowl periodically to really mix your ingredients well.

The Murenking stand mixer (view on Amazon) has 5 little suction cups on the bottom which grip on to the counter and prevent the machine from moving around as it mixes- a cool feature I haven’t seen anywhere else (this mixer really seems made for bread bakers!).

A cool little mixer from a great smaller company.

2. Hamilton Beach 64651 6 Speed Classic Stand Mixer

The Hamilton Beach 6 speed stand mixer (view on Amazon) is a great machine at an incredibly low price point. Fully equipped with a stainless steel bowl, 6 speeds plus a quick burst option and a powerful motor, this mixer has all you need.

While it is primarily a stand mixer and has all the capabilities of a stand mixer, it also doubles as a hand mixer- how cool is that?! The top of the machine actually lifts off so you can easily mix in any bowl, anywhere in the kitchen.

The Hamilton Beach mixer comes with a whisk attachment, standard hand mixer beaters and a dough hook attachment so it can mix up all sorts of baked goods.

While I wish it came with a paddle attachment as well (my favorite stand mixer attachment), a trusted brand name stand mixer at this great price with such a great track record can’t be beat!

3. Dash Everyday Stand Mixer

The Dash Everyday Stand Mixer has a bunch of features for a very affordable price. At first look, you can automatically envision the Dash mixer on your counter as it is sleek, stylish and available in many fun colors.

Looks aside, this lightweight mixer has a nice sized 3 quart bowl – perfect for making large batches of cookie doughs. Six varying speeds and two types of mixer attachments makes the Dash perfect for any recipe you may be making.

4. Sunbeam 2594 Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam stand mixer sets itself apart from other options with its powerful motor and innovative ‘soft star’ technology.

If you have ever turned on an automatic mixer just to have the automatic high speed splash batter or throw flour all over the kitchen, then you will appreciate the way the Sunbeam stand mixer slowly works its way up to full speed. No more batter messes to clean up with this machine!

The sunbeam mixer also has the ability to shift the bowl off center making it easy to add ingredients. Oh, and did I mention it has 12 different speed settings?

This economical mixer sure has a lot of little features that make it well worth buying.

5. VonShef Stand Mixer

The silicone scraper beaters are what sold us on this machine immediately. They not only mix well but scrape down the sides of the six quart stainless steel bowl as well!

A nice splash guard keeps all the ingredients from over flowing as they mix and a cool plastic cover will keep your machine clean when it’s not in use.

The VonShef is also quite heavy, which is good thing in a stand mixer. This means it won’t move around a lot on the counter if you try to mix thick batters.

While the attachments for the VonShef are lacking a little in durability and options, you do have a wide variety of color options to match your mixer to your kitchen!

6. Ensue 6 Speed Stand Hand Mixer

This is a very low cost, basic option offered on Amazon if you are looking for a stand mixer. While it is really only one step up from a hand mixer, it does do the job of mixing without requiring you to be constantly standing over the bowl.

If you are looking to make simple batters and doughs, this mixer will work just fine and the price can’t be beat!

7. Costway Tilt Head Stand Mixer

This is a newer mixer on the market, but it is already proving to be a quality choice. Complete with nice stainless steel attachments and a big 5 quart bowl, you can make nice large batches of batters quickly with the Costway Tilt Head Mixer.

Six speeds control the 800 Watt motor (now that’s a powerful motor!) and anti-slip feet will prevent the mixer from moving around on the counter.

Available in white or black, this is a straightforward, user friendly stand mixer without too many bells and whistles.

8. Gourmia EP700 6-Quart Planetary Stand Mixer

Not only will this mixer look futuristic on your countertop, but it will certainly get the mixing job done. With 6 speed settings and a nice sized 7 quart stainless steel bowl, I like the simplicity of this mixer and the fact that it can still whip up a nice batch of cookies.

The ‘smoothstart’ prevents batter from flying all over and making a mess when you turn the mixer on (it starts slow and gradually works its way up to your selected speed). The attachments are also coated with a non-stick finish to make cleaning easier.

This is a fairly large machine so make sure you have room on your counter before buying the Gourmia!

9. KitchenAid K45SSOB Classic Series Stand Mixer

While this mixer is the most expensive on the list by far, I have to include it as KitchenAid really set the standard for all stand mixers around.

The 59 point mixing action ensures that every batter is evenly mixed and the durable attachments should never need to be replaced- they can stand up to any batter or dough you may try!

There are also over 15 additional attachments you can purchase for this machine making it not just great for baking but also enabling it to be an ice cream maker, a meat grinder, a pasta machine and so much more!

In all my years of professional baking, I have never met anyone who has regretted their KitchenAid purchase. If you are thinking of becoming a more serious baker, pay the extra money and invest in a KitchenAid mixer!

Just because you’re not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars on a stand mixer doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have many of the benefits that those expensive machines provide.

With any of the options above, not only will you significantly improve your time spent in the kitchen, but you’ll do it while having money left over to spend on other baking goodies!

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Saturday 24th of August 2019

Very helpful! Thank you!

Sarah | Baking Kneads

Tuesday 27th of August 2019

Hi, Toni!

So glad I could help!

patricia mccauley

Thursday 27th of June 2019


Sarah | Baking Kneads

Thursday 27th of June 2019

Hi Patricia,

As of right now, the Murenking is right around $100, while the next three items listed around closer to $40. The remaining mixers are around $100, with the exception of the KitchenAid mixer, which is closer to $200.

I hope this helps!