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15 Baking Gifts For Ambitious Tweens

15 Baking Gifts For Ambitious Tweens

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Anyone who has a tween in their life knows that kids in this age group fall in love with hobbies quickly. They may make one batch of cupcakes and instantly want to be a baker!

How awesome it must be to put yourself into a project so completely and with such excitement!

It’s time to encourage any expert baker tweens to develop their baking skills by snatching up some of these awesome gifts. From spatulas to aprons, cupcake trays to fun decorations, any tween who loves to bake will be ecstatic to get one of these baking necessities.

Not only will they excite your tween but they will also be practical gifts- there is always a need for a nice mixing bowl set! Maybe if you’re lucky, your tween will even give you a few baked goods to taste test!

1 – Tween Cookbooks

Any budding chef needs to start with some great recipes! Luckily, there are a lot of cookbooks directed toward kids, some even specifically for tweens!

So why not just buy any regular old baking cookbook? Well, baking books directed toward a younger audience will have recipes that are a little easier to follow. They will also have terminology that is geared toward tweens rather than adults.

Kids cookbooks tend to have many more pictures as well- who doesn’t like pictures of baked goods?!?

A cookbook is a must have gift for any tween baker!

2 – Fun Mixing Gear

Every baker needs a good set of rubber spatulas and spoons to mix up a storm. However, those boring utensils that are found in most adult kitchens just won’t cut it.

Grab a set of bright colored spatulas, a rainbow whisk and some mixing spoons with fun handles for a perfect tween gift. Mixing and stirring is boring no longer!

3 – Colorful Bowls

To match those colorful utensils you buy your tween, you will certainly need a set of brightly colored bowls to match.

While colorful bowls are simply fun to have in the kitchen, they are also very practical and will get a lot of use from your novice baker.

Grab a set with silicone bottoms which ensure the bowl doesn’t move around a lot when mixing- this will make it easier for a tween to give their batter a really good stir!

4 – Stylish Measuring Set

A tween who measures in style will surely produce some stylish desserts. You will be able to find measuring spoons and measuring cups as unique as the person receiving the gift.

Do they love butterflies? Grab a set of butterfly measuring spoons! Is Star Wars up their ally? Well then they definitely need an R2D2 measuring cup set to help them bake cookies.

A unique gift that any tween baker will squeal over.

5 – Personalized Apron

Sometimes baking can be a messy process, especially for an ambitious and excited tween who may like to throw around a little flour.

Aprons are a great way to keep your kids clothes clean while also looking stylish in the kitchen.

Get a fun, personalized apron with your tween’s name on it. Nothing says “professional chef” like an embroidered kitchen uniform!

6 – Cupcake Baking Set

If your tween is especially new to baking, they may not have any tools at all. A great way to give them a jump start on building their kitchen equipment inventory is to buy a nice set.

A cupcake baking set will have all the tools they need to make cupcakes (a pan, cupcake liners, a pastry bag for frosting, etc).

Giving a nice gift set is an easy way to make sure your tween is ready to bake right after they rip off the wrapping paper!

7 – Sprinkles!

Speaking of cupcake kits, a nice set of sprinkles will be the perfect compliment! Once your tween bakes their cakes, ices their cupcake or whips up a batch of ice cream, they will need to decorate their treats.

A sprinkle set is a perfect gift because it gives them lots of beautiful (and tasty) options to easily garnish their masterpieces.

You can find some fun sprinkles online that you may not be able to easily find in the store, giving your tween some unique and creative options to choose from.

Oh, and everyone loves sprinkles so you really can’t go wrong with this gift!

8 – Baking Classes

Is the tween in your life getting serious about baking and need more direction? Send them to baking school!

There are lots of classes available all over to teach kids how to bake. Find one near you and sign up your tween!

If you can’t find anything in your town, look for some online classes that will help teach your tween about the ways of the kitchen. Go to class with them and maybe you will learn some baking tricks too!

9 – Ice Cream Ball

While it may not involve an oven, making ice cream is just as fun as baking! An ice cream ball turns making ice cream into a physical event.

Fill the ice cream ball with the ice cream base and toss it around to freeze the ice cream.

Tweens will have a blast throwing the ball around and then get to enjoy the fruits of their labor by cracking it open and having a big scoop of their ice cream.

This is a cool gift that makes cooking even more fun!

10 – Kids Knife Set

While it’s great to have tweens in the kitchen, sometimes there are some things that you may not want them to touch. For example, knives.

However, get a cool set of kid proof knives and you will enable your tween to safely cut, chop and dice!

11 – Complete Baking Set

There are many sets available that come with all the pre-measured ingredients to make a dessert. This is the perfect gift for a younger tween who is just starting out baking.

Grab a set like the Baketivity Cake Pop Set which will give your tween everything they need to make perfect cake pops.

These sets are also great activities for a tween’s birthday party- a gift, an activity and a dessert to eat in the end! Now that’s the perfect gift.

12 – Cookie Cutter Sets

Having many options for cookie shapes is super important, especially if you are a tween. What if your tween needs to make unicorn cookies? Or maybe they want to whip up heart cookies for Valentine’s day?

Having a lot of cookie cutter options is very useful. You can also get a lot of cookie cutters for not too steep of a price.

Choose a few fun sets and your tween will be delighted in all their new found cookie choices.

13 – Recipe Book

While having cookbooks are necessary, having a place to store and record your favorite recipes is also a must. Give your tween a nice book to jot down the recipes they make and write notes about the process.

A box or binder will also work well depending on how you think your tween would like to organize their recipes.

There is nothing more valuable in the kitchen than organization!

14 – Magazine Subscription

Sign your tween up to receive a magazine subscription in the mail all about baking. This is a great way for them to keep up with the current baking trends and give them some new ideas for the kitchen.

It is also the gift that keeps on giving as they will get a new magazine in the mail every month- something they will definitely look forward to!

15 – Counter-Top Oven

Bye bye easy bake oven, we need the real deal now! While yes, your tween should be able to get by sharing an oven with the rest of the household, any true baker will need their own convection oven.

There are a great deal of small counter top models that your tween would love and could make their personal designated baking oven. Cookies and cakes only – no savory foods allowed!

Any tween with their own baking oven is a very lucky chef.

Any tween who loves baking will be overjoyed with any of the gifts on this list. There are so many unique options that you will be sure to pick up something that your tween does not have yet.

Also, baking is a great hobby to encourage and help your tween develop into a lifelong love for cooking. And, of course, the better they get at whipping up some sweet treats, the more you will get to eat and enjoy as well!

Do you have a baking tween at home? What got them into baking? Let us know below.

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